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Rod McGlothlin founder of McGlothlin Insurance, began his insurance and financial planning career in Pasadena California in 1979.  As his business continued to grow, Rod branched into selling employer sponsored plan benefits. By 1982 Rod’s growing business brought him to Redlands, California located in the Inland Empire. In 2002 The McGlothlin Group moved to their current location on State Street in downtown Redlands.  Rod continues to service his client base with an emphasis on building portfolios that will enable his clients to attain their personal and financial goals.  He values the personal relationships he has built with each of his clients and enjoys a sense of fulfillment, as his clients realize their goals and dreams made possible by the investment decisions pursued over the years. “Diversification is key when growing a portfolio.” –Rod McGlothlin


In his spare time Rod participates in activities including back packing and cycling with his wife, Sherry.  He's also involved in his church and loves to ride his motorcycle.

Rodney will be retiring December 31, 2018.  Please contact JoAnn Sanchez for your free quote today! 

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JoAnn Sanchez

JoAnn is a Certified Health Insurance Agent, has worked in Redlands, California with McGlothlin Insurance since 2012.  Her passion for the business comes from a very personal experience involving her daughter, Alyssa who was diagnosed with a benign tumor in 2003. In order to pursue the best health care for her daughter, JoAnn learned to navigate and compare the numerous details of complicated health insurance plan benefits so that she could obtain the best medical coverage and be a true advocate for Alyssa’s healthy recovery. This pursuit for the best coverage and the right doctor paid off as Alyssa received good medical care and has been tumor-free now for 10 years.


Today, JoAnn Sanchez works with clients to help them find the highest quality in health care plans to fit each budget.  She finds her work rewarding as she represents many reputable insurance carriers knowing the strengths, benefits and features of each plan.


JoAnn Sanchez  is a loving wife and a mother of four children.  JoAnn can be reached for consultation at (909) 793-8018 or by email:

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